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Making Connections: Birmingham Black International History

Making Connections

Making Connections

Birmingham has long been an important international centre in the UK. The history of Birmingham connections with the rest of the world has tended to highlight the industrial history of the city. This publication, Making Connections, provides a starting point in recognition of the diverse historical, social and cultural heritage of Birmingham. The book highlights the current distinctive, multicultural, multilingual and multi-faith makeup of the city within the context of the past. The contributors draw upon a wealth of resources and artefacts that can be found in Birmingham's archive, museum and library collections. The book aims to bring these collections to the surface for future research. Although there is recognition that significant gaps exists in these collections, there is also material waiting to be unearthed or to be looked at afresh.

Making Connections, Back Cover

'Ethnic Diversity is nothing new in Birmingham. People with different histories, cultures, beliefs and languages have been arriving here since the first recordings of the city. It has been a home for people from different parts of the city, making it what it is today by bringing in new skills, new experiences, economic strengths, and a rich mix of social and cultural life. The challenge for us is to ensure that we celebrate this deeply textured and perpetually changing heritage of our great city.'
Anita Bhalla - Broadcast Journalist and Teacher.

Making Connections is published by the Black Pasts, Birmingham Futures Group with the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham Libraries and the University of Birmingham.