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How Can the Archive Be Used?

The possibilities of exploration for the student are endless.

Some of the subjects ripe for research are:

The Evidence of Personal Experience

  • Chinese people talking in 1972
  • Irish storytelling
  • Blind people
  • Asian teenagers
  • US student protest
  • Travellers in Britain

Work in the Cultural Field

  • Oral Tradition
  • The Folk Revival in Britain
  • Ewan MacColl's "Critics Group"
  • Multi-media theatre
  • Arnold Wesker's "Centre 42"
  • Regional Broadcasting
  • Tape recording and editing
Work in Progress

Digitisation projects will enable full cataloguing of the Archive, and we are applying for funds to finish this work. When the catalogue is complete the recordings (some dating from 1954) and the paperwork will be fully available for study. Until then students can have access to most of the files and a growing number of recordings.

If you are interested in the Archive or would like a list of our publications, please contact:

Birmingham City Archives,
Central Library,
Chamberlain Square,
Birmingham B3 3HQ
Tel +44 (0)121 303 4217