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Friends of the Charles Parker Archive

 illustration for Singing the Fishing

Membership of the Friends entitles you to an Annual Report or periodical newsletter, to concessionary prices for publications in print or sound and to be actively involved in the future of the Archive. Annual Reports are published each year, and back copies are available to Friends on request.

An Annual General Meeting is held each year, and in 2004 this took the form of a celebration to launch the digitisation project A Future for Ordinary Folk.

At the time of the official opening of the Archive, the Trust published a book, cassette, posters and postcards of the Eric Fraser illustrations for the Radio Ballads. Many of these items are available from Birmingham Central Library, but you may also buy them directly from the Trust, and "Friends" are entitled to reduced rates as shown in brackets.

  • Charles Parker: Aspects of a Pioneer - a personal
    account by Trevor Fisher .00 (.50)

  • The Voice of Experience: Ewan MacColl - cassette:
    teaching with the Critics Group .95 (.00)

  • Postcards: John Axon, Singing the Fishing,
    The Big Hewer
    15p each (12p)

Illustration by Eric Fraser for SINGING THE FISHING, 1960. Reproduced with permission of the BBC.

If you are interested in the Friends or would like a list of our publications, please contact:

Ian Parr
c/o Birmingham City Archives,
Central Library,
Chamberlain Square,

B3 3HQ
Tel +44 (0)121 303 4217

Image of Charles Parker