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Broad Street Car Park in 1931

 Broad Street car park 1931

Broad Street Municipal Car Park. 1st October 1931.

This is a great photograph for enthusiasts of 1930s motor cars.

The former site of the Old Wharf, was bought in the 1920s by the City Council in preparation for their grand municipal centre plans, which included Baskerville House in its designs. The Old Wharf, for around 200 years, had been home to the offices of the Birmingham Canal Company and used as a coal depot. The same site also played host to the Cadbury brothers' factory from 1847 - 1878 until they moved their factory lock, stock and barrel, to the greener pastures of Bournville, to the south of the city. The same site also had the world renowned 'Eagle' Iron Foundry based there, the company was known for making a wide range of products including gear wheels, gates, fire hearths, pots, safes, weights and many other items.

The site of the Old Wharf was bought by the city after the decline of the canals and filled in sometime in the 1920s, it then became a large car park for the expanding population of automobiles in the city. The council's plans for the development of the area were halted when the Second World War intervened and eventually the plans were abandoned. The site was eventually redeveloped and various buildings were constructed there, including the Central TV studios. Today the site is earmarked for development of the Arena Central complex.

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