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Photograph of Nelson Street Girls

The Early Black Presence in Birmingham

Even prior to the arrival of the Empire Windrush in 1948, there has been evidence of an early Black presence in Birmingham. This link will take you to a chronological list of sources held in Birmingham Libraries, which provide some insight into the lives of early visitors and residents to problems of racial harassment.

Dyche collection - Migrant groups

Migration and settlement


Faith and religion

Black community and Religion in Birmingham
Rev. Peter Stanford 
Photographs of Diwali Celebrations
Photographs of Black People at Church
Photographs of Sikh Festivals



Arts, culture and entertainment

The Drum - A centre promoting Black and Asian art

Birmngham Carnival

Diwali Celebrations
A Pakistani Celebration - Lokmela
Sikh Festival

Black Writing

Pogus Ceasar
Vanley Burke
Sukhvinder Singh Ubhi
Andy Hamilton


Politics and activism

Henry Gunter
Dr Dhani Prem
The Birmingham Anti Aparthied Movement
Avtar Singh Jouhl and the Indian Workers Association

Trans- Atlantic slavery - links between Birmingham and the Caribbean