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Slave Trade Pack. Document3/4 transcription.

Transcription for document 3/4


I thank you for your last wherin you Menncon'd yt you had some Communication
with a Surgeon for his comeing hither that you was to meet him ye week
Subsequent to ye Date of your Letter which is of ye 10th Sepr to Treat further
About his Comeing to Live with me, but ye Packet not departing from England till
the 6th of Octobr I am under no Expectancy of any Agreemt being made wth
him in my behalf. I am vey much Necessitated for such a person well
Qualifyed in his profession. A person who pretended himself an Extraordinary
Surgeon whose pretences I was so Easy to give Credit to, and soe recd him
into my Plantation. By one dose of physick he Kill'd me One Negro by the
misapplication of medicines to another his Arm has since been Cutt of, & a third
he has Disabled in his right Arm by letting him blood which Negros Cost me
£35 a head. I advanc'd Moreover £28 to him to buy medicines on his Comeing. And
he has Left me 29 other Negros with Inveterate ulcers I would give £150 they were
well they will stand me in so much surgery and I shall suffer a great deal
more by ye disability of them in ye want of their Work, upon which
Consideration I should be willing to give any reasonable Incouragement
If you have not agreed with the person you mencon
to a good Surgeon leave it to you to advance !10 0r £20 p[er] annu[m]
for me above ye £50 If you see occation besires the parts where I
live are destitute of such a person; which being very well aetled
would allow 200M for very good practise for a deserveing person.

Norton 2708

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