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The sun of Freedom is now risen - today He hath shone on 800,000 immortal beings, who are now exulting in His light - before his rising they were in bondage; but now they are free.the mother and her babe are free.the young men + maidens are free the old men + children are free - no more will they hear the voice of the oppressor no more will the hard-heart-ed driver be allowed to treat them as beasts of burden - no more will they be lacerated with the horrid whip - no more with their cries of agony rend the air they are now free oh do they not exult in the termination their bondage - who can conceive or describe the nature of their feelings? let it be ours to sympathise with them, + to unite heartily in that grateful song they thunder of wh bursts from ten thousand tongues, to that God who looseth the prisoners.
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Section 4 - Anti-Slavery
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