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Local and national maps, late 1940s onwards

Maps are located on level 4 in the Archives, Heritage and Photography section of the Library of Birmingham.
Usually, some maps are kept on display in the public area, some are in the staff area. They are all indexed, so please ask the staff or e-mail archives.heritage@birmingham.gov.uk

Please click on the highlighted caption for a link to a larger version of the map of Duddeston, and of the geological map of Torquay.

 Duddeston 1950 map

Birmingham maps 1940s onwards
Ordnance Survey
The Ordnance Survey 1:1250 series started in the late 1940s. Local Studies have all of the current maps which cover the area within the boundaries of the City of Birmingham, and almost all of the superseded maps for Birmingham in this series. Local Studies acquire the updated sheets in this series as they appear.
Some areas on the fringes of Birmingham are covered by 1:2500 sheets.
Duddeston, east Birmingham, 1950

This OS series started to replace the older 6 inch series in the 1970s. All sheets which include part of Birmingham are regularly updated.

Goad maps
These are plans of some of the shopping areas in central Birmingham and the suburbs. They were first produced in the 1980s. Updates are obtained as they appear.

National maps
1:50,000 - Landranger
This OS series replaced the older 1 inch maps in the 1970s. It is numbered from 1, the Shetlands in the North; to 204, Truro in the South.

1:25,000 Pathfinder, Outdoor Leisure, Explorer.
These OS maps are useful for walkers, or for those needing a map which gives a reasonable amount of detail, but also covers a significant area.

The Pathfinder series was published from the 1960s onwards. It is being replaced by the Outdoor Leisure maps and Explorer maps.
The Outdoor Leisure maps cover popular tourist areas, for example the Peak District and the Lake District. These were numbered as they appeared, there is no coherent system.
The Explorer maps followed, for those areas not covered by Outdoor Leisure. This survey is not yet complete. Projected completion is 2004. The set runs from South to North. Numbers start from 101 for the Scilly Isles.
Local Studies have Outdoor Leisure or Explorer maps for all of England and Wales, and parts of Scotland. The rest of Scotland is covered by Pathfinder maps.

 map Esh Winning County Durham

1:10,000 and 6 inch
This OS series replaced the older 6 inch series. Local Studies have 1:10,000 or 6 inch sheets for all of Great Britain. Some outside the Birmingham area may be 30 - 50 years old. This 1951 map shows Esh Winning in County Durham.

Town plans
Local Studies have street guides for various towns in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

 Torquay geological map

Geological maps
1 inch and 1:50,000

Local Studies hold maps produced by the British Geological Survey for almost all of Great Britain. For some areas there are modern 1:50,000 surveys. For others there are only older 1 inch surveys, in some cases dating back to the 1870s. For many areas there are separate solid and drift sheets.
Torquay and Torbay, solid

6 inch
There are 6 inch maps for the coalfield areas of Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Staffordshire.

Ordnance Survey maps remain within copyright for fifty years. All other maps remain within copyright for seventy years.

For Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland see Maps of Ireland.