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Statie July the 2d/ 1740


I wrote to you from Sett Chrisstoprs Dated the fifth of June leeting you know the Badness of the Market att Bass Stare and By the advice of Masster porterfeild and Master Calhoun went down to Sandy point thinking to Dispose of Some of the Cargo at that point of the Illand But I Could Sell no More than Six Barrels from thence to this Illand and Could not Dispose of a Barrell or Buy and Molasses at that time Went up to Bass Stare and oblidged to Sell itt to Masster Calhoun at the price of forty Shillings a Barrell Which is a poor Market: the pork being so plenty this year: Master Calhoun Bought two Hundred and nintye two Barrels of the pork: Sir According to master Wattsons orders I purchased twentye Hogsheads of Rum and as Molassess is so Hard to be purchased Can buy but five Hogsheads As Negores turn out dear Bought Six three Men and three Women: Master Calhoun is to Remite Home to you my ouner one Hund: and nintye nine pound fifteen Shillings and ten pence Sett Chrisstofers Currency for the Ballance of his Account in three months Eaither to London or Glasgow [Bills?] if fraight Can be goat Home in Shugars or Cooton. As for Salt I can purchase none Which I am afraid itt Will be a Loss to Master Wattson sir you Will Excuse me, beeing goeing under Sail I Trouble you with No more at present With my due Respects to your Spouss and family I Remain your Servant at all times to Command
James Hunter
Sir the Spaniards is plying preety Near this Illand by Information they have taken two but I Houpe their is no Danger as yett. J.H.

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