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History of Castle Vale

A History of Castle Vale


Castle Vale is a modern housing area on the north-eastern edge of Birmingham. It is unique in many ways and has gone through distinct sets of changes. The things that most people noticed on their first visit to the area, when it was first built as a housing estate, was the flat and open landscape and the very distinct boundaries which seemed to almost cut Castle Vale off from the rest of the city to make a little island of people. These features have recently been changed, and will continue to change into the future, but each change is dictated by past developments. To understand what an area is like now, it is important to understand its history. The history of the Castle Vale area can be traced backwards, layer by layer and then built up again as a sequential record of those things that made the area what it was at each stage of its development.

The attached PDF booklet follows the changing fortunes of the small area of land known as Castle Vale from its beginnings as a swampy forest, through the feudal times of battling barons, through the growing industrialisation of Birmingham to the First World War, on through its life as an airfield, finally to the construction of the modern housing estate and the very recent improvements to that area. From time to time little excursions will be taken into the wider history of the region but only in order to set the very local events within their wider setting and make them even more interesting than they already are.

Geoff Bateson
June 2005

Reproduced with the kind permission of Geoff Bateson

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A History of Castle Vale

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