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Arts and Media at The Green

Arts and Media at the Green meets at the library on Wednesday afternoons approximately once every two months. It is a community-run group, and provides high quality cultural events like author visits, and talks on theatre, cinema, art, music and so on. The aim is to provide opportunities for reflection as well as enjoyment, and to enhance understanding of the range of cultural opportunities and their production, distribution and use in our society.

Highlights of our programmes have included performances of Alan Bennett's 'Talking Heads', a talk on Chamberlain's reputation, author visits by Annie Murray and Tindal Street Fiction Group, illustrated talks with recordings on Elgar and Ketelbey, visits by representatives from the CBSO and the Birmingham Royal Ballet, a talk by a scriptwriter for 'The Archers', and a presentation on the adaptation of 'Lord of the Rings' for the cinema.

The group receives no funding, and so voluntary contributions are requested at the end of each event. A mailing list is maintained, so that members can be notified of future events. Around 25 people regularly come to our events. Arts and Media at the Green can be contacted by e-mailing acocks.green.library@birmingham.gov.uk. or Tel (0121) 464 1738.

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