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Accessible Library Services - How to join

Libraries are accessible to all

Everybody can use the library to find out information, use the computers and study. If you want to borrow items to take home with you, you will need to become a library member.

How to join the library

It's free! All you need to do is to bring something official with your name and address on, such as your medical card or a utility bill which is less than two months old. Fill in the large print application form or a member of staff will be happy to fill it in for you to sign. You will be able to borrow materials straight away. Please remember to bring them back by the end of the loan period or you may have to pay a small fine. Books and Talking Books are loaned for four weeks, music CDs for two weeks.

What do libraries have to offer?
  • Large Print books
  • Free Talking Books if you have a visual impairment
  • ClearVision books for sharing with children
  • Tactile and noisy books for children
  • Information on a wide range of subjects including visual impairment
  • Free Internet Access
  • Most libraries have access software available
  • CD Roms to use in the library
  • Music CDs - free to borrow if you have a visual impairment
Please remember to ask the staff if you need any help

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