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Assistive Technology

To make our computers easier to use we offer a range of software and hardware alternatives in Birmingham Libraries.


We have trackball and joystick mice as well as the standard computer mouse. These mice can be operated with just one finger, ideal if you find a standard mouse difficult to use.


Big-key keyboards are available as well as regular keyboards. There are big-key versions with large black keys and yellow letters or variegated keyboards. All of them are almost four times normal size.


Adjustable height desks allow comfortable access to the PC for people who use a wheelchair.


Supernova screen reader and magnifier software will enlarge the image on the computer screen to make things clearer. Supernova also has the ability to read out the on-screen text.

Reading and Writing

Two software packages - 'Read and Write' and 'Penfriend' - can help people with dyslexia or mobility problems. The predictive text features of this software can speed up typing and help with spelling.


As well as all of this computer equipment, we have CCTV magnifiers. Any document can be placed under the magnifier and an enlarged image will appear on the magnifier screen. The contrast and the colour of the text can then be adjusted to help you read the document more easily.

Where to find:

Nearly all of the 39 Community Libraries in Birmingham provide some assistive technology.

Assistive Technology in Community Libraries

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