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Birmingham’s Budget

For Budget Views 2013, please click here.

Council Business Plan and Budget 2012+

Attached below is:

The full version of the Council's Business Plan and Budget for 2012+

Council Business Plan and Budget 2012+

 PDF (Size: 2.67 Mb Type: pdf )

A summary version of the Council Business Plan and Budget 2012+

Summary Business Plan and Budget 2012+

 PDF (Size: 862 Kb Type: pdf )

The Budget Book 2012/13 gives a service by service detailed budget to support each Cabinet Portfolio.

Budget Book 2012/13

 PDF (Size: 540 Kb Type: pdf )

Key facts about the 2012-13 budget

 PDF (Size: 364 Kb Type: pdf )

The Council Business Plan and Budget for 2012+ was agreed by full Council on 28 February 2012 following an extensive corporate consultation which ran from 12 October 2011 to 8 January 2012. This included consultations with the Birmingham People's Panel. The final report on this consultation together with the reports from the Birmingham People's Panel are attached below.

Final Report on BCC Corporate Budget 2012+ Consultation

 PDF (Size: 306 Kb Type: pdf )

Birmingham Budget Survey 2011 Merged Report

 PDF (Size: 1.81 Mb Type: pdf )

Opinion Research Services Qualitative Report

 PDF (Size: 567 Kb Type: pdf )

Birmingham Budget Survey 2011 - Quantitative Report

 PDF (Size: 1.57 Mb Type: pdf )

Easy Read Consultation Feedback Leaflet

 PDF (Size: 381 Kb Type: pdf )

The Council listened to the feedback from the public through the corporate consultation and attached is a summary of that feedback and the Council's response.

More Information

Information about the budget consultation including press releases, videos from the chief executive and Councillor Randal Brew (cabinet member for finance) and a blog from the chief executive are available at Birmingham Newsroom.

Your comments and views

All of the comments and views that the council received have been posted on this website as part of the council's commitment to transparency.

The comments and letters are available for download here.

Notes from the community forums, which were held as part of the consultation process, are available here.

The consultation proposals and other useful documents are available here for information and reference only as the corporate consultation has now closed.