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Birmingham Register Office - Getting Married

If you want to get married at a Register Office or at approved premises both of you will need to give Notice of Marriage.

Each notice can be given up to 12 months in advance of your ceremony, but must be given more than 29 days in advance of your ceremony. It is advisable to book an appointment to give your Notice of Marriage at least 3 months in advance of your ceremony.

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Notice of Marriage

Conversion of Civil Partnership to Marriage

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get married?
A valid marriage must be solemnized in a place which has been sanctioned according to law for marriage celebration, after the correct legal preliminaries have been completed.

In the Birmingham area you can get married in Birmingham Register Office, at Approved Premises (for example hotels and historic buildings) or religious buildings (Church, Temple, Mosque, Gurdwara etc..) that has been legally registered for marriage ceremonies.

Getting Married at Birmingham Register Office

Getting Married at Approved Premises

What if I want to get married in a Church of England Church?
If you are getting married in a Church of England Church, you will make all the necessary legal arrangements with the vicar at the church where you are being married. This is usually by a process known as Banns.

What if I want to get married in another religious building?
If you are getting married in any other religious building which is not Church of England and is registered for marriages, (for example, Baptist, Hindu, Methodist, Muslim, Roman Catholic, Sikh or other religious denomination), you must give your notice of marriage at your local Register Office in the district you reside in, before the marriage takes place.

If you or your partner are subject to immigration control in the UK see our foreign national page.

It is only possible to be married in a religious building situated in the Local Authority area where either or both of you live. You may, however, be married in a religious building in a district in which neither of you live if either of you usually worship in that building.

I am having a Religious Ceremony – do I need a Civil Ceremony as well?
A religious ceremony will be legally valid providing a notice of marriage was given to a Register Office before the ceremony. If a religious ceremony was carried out without the prior legal preliminaries, the ceremony may not be regarded as valid under UK law. You should have a civil ceremony as well, as soon as possible to safeguard your and your children's legal position.

I do not live in Birmingham can still get married at Birmingham Register office or an approved premise in Birmingham?
Yes you can have your marriage at Birmingham Register Office or an Approved Premises. But you will still need to give your notices of marriage to the local Register Office where you reside.

I am getting married abroad – what do I need to do?
If you want to get married abroad, contact the country’s Embassy in the UK, which will tell you which documents you need.

A Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) is a certificate which confirms there are no objections to your proposed marriage.

If you are getting married overseas, you may be asked to prove that you are single or that you are allowed to marry. In most cases, you will be able to obtain a CNI for this purpose. You should check with the authorities in the country where you are getting married if you need a CNI and the validity of the CNI in that country.

A Nulla Osta is the Italian version of the Certificate of No Impediment. This can be obtained from the Foreign and Commonwealth office You can obtain a CNI from Birmingham Register Office if you live in Birmingham and are a British National. Please make an appointment – you will need to bring documents to prove your identity – see Notice of Marriage

To make an appointment to give Notice : either fill in our booking form
www.birmingham.gov.uk/ceremonyenquiry and we will ring you or
ring 0121 675 9353

We apologise as our our phone line is very busy and some customers are having difficulties getting through, so please fill in our appointment booking form and we will ring you to confirm your appointment details.

I am getting married abroad – do I need to register the marriage in this country?
You are unable to register an overseas marriage/civil partnership in the UK. As a general rule, as long as your marriage/civil partnership is valid and legal in the country in which it took place, it is likely to be recognised in the UK. If you are in doubt as to the legality of your marriage/civil partnership, please consult a solicitor.

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