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Businesses involved in our work have given us feedback about the programmes they were involved in and the support they received from our team.

Green Bridge Supply Chain Programme

'1-2-1 sessions with Green Bridge was excellent - without the advice we would definitely have failed the approval process. Now we have a much better chance! Hospitality from venue employees, Staffordshire Business & Environment Network and host speakers was great.'

Business Development Grants

'The grant provided us with the seed capital to kick-start our business, a company that now employs 5 people in Birmingham.'

'We had a lot of help along the way with the whole process. They walked us through everything and gave a lot of help. They were easy to get in touch with if we needed anything else - very helpful.'

Just over three quarters of BDG beneficiaries stated that their turnover had increased since receiving support from the programme. Overall, the large majority of BDG beneficiaries (92%) had reported jobs safeguarded or created as a result of the support.

Retail Development Programme

'Having the confidence to invest in your business is essential. This programme looked at what independent retail businesses really need and provided support that has not been available to us before.'

'It has enabled us to expand the business and create new job opportunities and drive the business forward.'

'I just thought the Council bought into what we were trying to do and were very positive in terms of expanding the business.'

'It was a very simple process and there has been continued support.'

The majority of RPD beneficiaries (71.2%) stated that their turnover had increased since receiving support from the programme. Overall, the large majority of RDP beneficiaries (92%) said that the support they received had safeguarded or created jobs.

Enterprise City High Growth Programme

'The quality of speakers on the Enterprise City High Growth Programme is great, as is the diversity. To be able to speak to 60 businesses that I wouldn't otherwise get the opportunity to speak with is a fantastic opportunity. Thank you to Birmingham City Council for investing in their businesses.'

'Enterprise City has helped to steer the company in the right direction - without it, it is likely we would still be sailing round in circles.'

'The programme provides the opportunity to work on your business, rather than in it.'

High Street Support Scheme

'The grant received from the programme has helped greatly. We feel much safer now with the improved security facilities.'

'The scheme has allowed our company to upgrade to the latest security measures. A great initiative truly benefiting the business community.'

'We are more secure and better equipped for the future. The advertising helped us get back on our feet and enabled us to try and increase the foot flow to the area. We would have struggled to stay open without it.'

'The CCTV cameras show anyone loitering around and also records, which will help if anything should happen. The programme was excellent to help the community to work together safely.'

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Last Updated : 28th November 2013