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Track Record

The BDI team have also been involved in delivering a number of highly successful projects. If you would like to find our more about us and our track record, the BD&I Prospectus is attached below, or follow the links:

Retail Development Programme - we supported existing independent retailers and attracted new independent brands to Birmingham with financial assistance of between £2,500 and £10,000

Stimulating Demand High Growth Programme - this offered free mentoring and business development through a combination of workshops, peer group sessions and one to one mentoring for businesses identified as having high growth potential - www.birmingham.gov.uk/stimulatingdemand.

Design Space - this programme gave free incubation space to Designer Maker Jewellers for 12 months as they started up their brand new businesses - www.birmingham.gov.uk/designspace.

Business Recovery - we provided a programme of support to help those businesses affected by the disturbances in the city in August 2011 - www.birmingham.gov.uk/backingbirmingham.

Making Knowledge Work - this programme aimed to share best practice and experiences across the research and development sector to ensure research found its way into the commercial environment - www.birmingham.gov.uk/makingknowledgework.

Science Park Without Walls - this project created a network of regions focussed on developing and engaging in a global virtual business support system. It enabled fast access to new international finance, reduced time to market, retention and development of entrepreneurs and created new business opportunities - www.birmingham.gov.uk/scienceparkwithoutwalls.

Next Generation Science Park - this project involved ad series of experience exchange workshops to spread the learning from each region and to further enhance and embed good practices on how to design, manage and inform strategies to support Science Parks - www.birmingham.gov.uk/nextgenerationsciencepark.

Stimulating Innovation - the 'Stimulating Innovation' programme supported businesses to commercialise new products and services, or develop innovative process management through a range of activities - www.birmingham.gov.uk/stimulatinginnovation.

Complex Challenges Innovative Cities - is a three year EU funded project, focusing on the role of local authorities in cities in driving innovation to contribute to Europe 2020 strategy goals for economic modernisation and increased competitiveness. The project aims to implement new ideas. 14 partners from 10 cities/regions will aid the understanding of public sector innovation and lay the grounds for successful transfer of good practices into the regions. The project will run until December 2014 - www.ccic-project.eu.

Smartspaces was a three year EU funded project aimed at Saving Energy in Europe’s Public Buildings using ICT. The Smartspaces service enables public authorities in Europe to significantly improve their management of energy in the buildings they occupy. The implementation of operational services includes 11 pilot sites with more than 550 buildings in 8 countries. The project will run until December 2014 - www.smartspaces.eu.

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