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Supporting our Workforce from Public to Private Sector - The Birmingham Bridge Programme

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Our workforce will be getting smaller over the coming years.

In response to this, we have set up The Birmingham BRIDGE Programme which is responsible for helping to ensure the skills and abilities of those who leave the Council are utilised within the greater Birmingham economy.

We want our former workforce to successfully apply their transferable skills and experience to other sectors of the economy, and we believe that our employees have a great deal to offer your organisation.

So, if you have a job opportunity, in the private or third sector, we want to hear from you!

There is no cost to advertise it to our former staff and we may even be able to arrange for individuals to have a trial period with your organisation prior to making a decision on a job offer.

For more information about the programme, please contact the Project Management, Bob Egan at bob.egan@birmingham.gov.uk.

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Last Updated : 2nd April 2014