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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Application Guidance Sections 1-3

Section 1: Vacancy Details

This section may have already been completed for you but please check that all the details are complete and correct. If they are not included please refer to the job advertisement to fill in this section.

Section 2: Personal Details

Please enter your personal details accurately so that we may contact you about your application. If you do not have a National Insurance Number, please leave this line blank. You must indicate whether you have the right to work in the UK. You will only need to indicate that you have a driving licence if it is a requirement of the job.

Section 3: General Information

If you are related to a Councillor or an employee of the City Council we ask you to tell us so that we can make sure all applications are treated fairly. Canvassing any Councillor or employee of the City Council (i.e. seeking to gain an unfair advantage through personal contacts) will disqualify your application.

As part of our commitment to flexible working, most of the Council’s vacancies are open to job sharing. This normally means that two people can voluntarily share one full time job. They share the pay and other benefits in line with the hours worked; the split need not be 50/50. It is not necessary to apply with a partner. If you would like to job share the job you are applying for, please tick the relevant box.

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