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Application Guidance Notes Section 11

Section 11: References

Please give the names and addresses of two referees. If you are employed or have been employed in the past, the first referee should be your present or most recent line manager/supervisor or other person in your organisation designated to provide references.

For posts where there is a requirement for a DBS (formerly CRB) Clearance relating to work with children, young people and adults, the panel will ask for references at the short list stage. All references will be taken up before the interview. This is so the panel can explore any issues of concern the references raise with the candidate at the interview.

For jobs where you will be responsible for money or stock including Computer Systems Analysts and Programmers, you must ensure you provide details of former employers to cover the last twelve months.

If you are unable to provide an employer reference for reason of unemployment or where your previous employer no longer exists, you are asked to name referees who are able to verify your good character. School or college leavers should give a Head Teacher or their College Principal as the first referee. “Job Title” (if applicable) refers to the referee, e.g. Manager, Head Teacher. “Relationship to you” refers to how they know you, e.g. immediate supervisor, neighbour etc. If you have changed your name, e.g. by marriage or deed poll or are known by a nickname, please indicate the name that your referee(s) know(s) you by.

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