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Council Business Plan 2012+

Council Business Plan 2012+

The Council Business Plan for 2012+ sets out the high level medium term corporate plan for the council, incorporating our key priorities, the budget, resources and workforce plans that support them. It sets the direction for business planning across the whole organisation for the medium term. The detailed implementation plans to achieve the key priorities are being captured in the Directorate Business Plans and in Cabinet Member and Committee reports written at the start of the financial year.

The Government's Spending Review 2010 set an unparalleled financial challenge for local councils. The Government Grant Settlement announced in December 2010 meant that we had to make savings of over £400m over a period of four years.

For the 2012-13 financial year, the economic challenge is continuing and further new savings of £61.9 million need to be achieved along with previously planned savings of £38.9 million.

In order to decide where changes should be made, the council carried out its biggest ever budget consultation from October 2011 to January 2012 with residents, staff, local businesses and organisations in Birmingham all contributing. Thousands of comments were received and these were taken into account when the council's budget for 2012-13 was approved.

The reports from the consultation, together with a summary of the council's response to that consultation can be found on the Budget views page of this website. To see these documents, please click here

The Council Priorities - Putting People First

Despite saving having to be made, the council's number one priority is still to provide the essential services that Birmingham people want and need most. The council will work within its mean to:

  • Protect vulnerable people (children and adults)
  • Create jobs and help local people into work
  • Improve local people's job prospects through providing better education and skills
  • Make sure that Birmingham continues to be a clean, green and safe city.

Birmingham's response to the economic situation

The challenging economic situation is an international and national problem, but its impact has been felt locally and the rise in unemployment rates is a clear example of the challenges local people are facing. The council's response to this has been, to help stimulate job creation in the local economy and support the people of Birmingham. This is being achieved through projects such as:

  • The formation of a Local Enterprise Partnership to support economic development and enterprise as well as encouraging job creation and skills growth
  • The creation of an Enterprise Zone which will boost jobs in the city and generate millions of pounds for Birmingham
  • The introduction of the Birmingham Energy Savers scheme, a multi award winning project to improve city homes by making them more energy efficient
  • Support for the High Speed Rail project which now has government backing

Council Tax

In recent years, Birmingham City Council has minimised increases in council tax and in 2012, it will once again take up the additional grant offered by the government so that the council's element of council tax in 2012-13 will stay at the same level as in the previous year. This means that Birmingham will continue to have one of the lowest levels of council tax of all the major cities in England.

Directorate Planning

To support the implementation of the Council Business Plan 2012+, each of Birmingham's Directorate produces its own business plan. These business plans are informed by a Corporate Planning Framework.

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