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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Supporting People - Social Inclusion Consultation

The Supporting People Team are responsible for re-commissioning a range of services across the social inclusion sector, relevant to the needs of vulnerable people. We value your thoughts on whether you feel we are planning to re-commission the right services.

A public consultation on the Commissioning and Procurement Strategy of Social Inclusion housing support services was carried out between 30 September and 29 October 2013. The documents are attached at the bottom of this page. The results of the consultation will be added to this page when they are available.

What are Supporting People Services?

Supporting People services are free and available to everyone regardless of age, sex, ethnic origin and sexual orientation. Supporting People commission housing support services to help vulnerable people live more independently. We are a prevention service providing early intervention support, which in many cases avoids the need to access higher level and higher cost care services.

Social Inclusion client groups include:

  • Homelessness (singles and families)
  • Domestic violence
  • Young people (including homeless, care leavers, youth offending and gun and gang crime)
  • Ex-offenders
  • Gypsies and Travellers
  • Complex Needs