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FAQ Leasehold

What do you mean by ‘leasehold’?

Property held under a lease is described as ‘leasehold.’ The property is owned by a freeholder (a landlord or lessor) who sells the property under a lease. The buyer of the lease will then own the property for a set number of years, becoming a leaseholder.

The leaseholder does not own the land on which the property standards and generally has to pay ground rent and service charges to the landlord.

Birmingham City Council owns the freehold to over 4,700 flats and maisonettes that have been sold through the Right to Buy, and leases these properties out. Our Leasehold Team supports Birmingham City Council leaseholders.

These Frequently Asked Questions explain the some of the issues affecting leaseholders.

What charges do I have to pay as a leaseholder ?

What are service charges ?

How does the First-Tier Tribunal - Property Chamber (Residential Property) work ?

What is ground rent ?

I have heard that you may do major work on my building. What is a major work?

What happens if I can’t pay my service charges, major works or ground rent invoices ?

What if my home needs repairs ?

Can I make improvements to my home ?

Can I become more involved in helping to monitor your service to leaseholders ?

How else can I share my views on your service to leaseholders ?

Who can I contact to find out more about leasehold matters ?