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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Estate Assessments and Walkabouts

An estate walkabout is where housing staff and tenants come together on a joint inspection in the neighbourhood to identify areas that need repairing or improving.
Estate assessments are a more formal version of a walkabout and happen twice a year. The standard of the local neighbourhood and its services is assessed and given a score.

We think that it is important for housing staff and local tenants to work closely together to make the neighbourhood a better place for people to live.

Estate walkabouts and assessments give local tenants a chance to say what they think of the local area and services and how things are done. Working with housing staff, tenants can identify important issues and agree actions and priorities. You may look at local services like grass cutting, recycling and cleaning or discuss issues such as security or antisocial behaviour.

How to join your local estate walkabouts

We are always looking for more tenants to get involved and let us know what the priorities should be for your area. Your local Tenant Participation Officer can help you get more involved.

Find out when your next estate assessment will be, or how to get in touch with your local Tenant Participation Officer, by choosing the district you live in from the list below:

Estate Assessment Scores 2015-16