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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

FAQ Empty Property Repairs

>When a property is vacated by a tenant, it may require work to bring it back up to standard for a new occupant. We work with our repairs contractors to make sure that necessary repairs are carried out before you move in so that your home will be clean, safe and fit to live in.
This page describes how we manage repairs to these empty properties.

If you have a question about repairs that need to be carried out to council property that you are currently living in, please see our repairs page.

I am viewing an empty property and I am worried that it will need a lot of work that I can’t afford. How will I know what repairs will be carried out on the property before I move in?

How can I be sure the property will be clean before I move in?

I have an electric cooker but there is only a gas cooker point in the property. Will you provide an electric cooker point?

Will the property be decorated before I move in?

The garden is very overgrown. Will the garden be cut back for me when I move in?

How do I request or arrange further repairs once I have moved in?

Can I become more involved in helping to monitor the empty property repairs service?