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Tenant Participation Service Improvement Group

The Tenant Participation Service Improvement Group was created to oversee tenant involvement across the city and come up with new ideas and initiatives.

The group works to ensure that tenant participation is at the heart of all housing activity. By raising the profile of tenant participation throughout the housing department, the group hopes to ensure that tenants have a greater say in the management of their homes and the services they receive.

The main aims of the Tenant Participation Service Improvement Group include:

  • developing a training programme that meets the needs of everyone involved
  • ensuring tenants and leaseholders are consulted on the key housing issues
  • increase participation of under-represented groups
  • build partnerships with other organisations and stakeholders
  • improving communication and understanding between the City Housing Liaison Board and Housing Liaison Boards
  • encouraging innovation in the range of participation options available to tenants and leaseholders
  • adopting recognised best practices for consulting with tenants.