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Frankley & Cockhill Housing Liaison Board

There are four Housing Liaison Boards in the Northfield Constituency:
  • Northfield Housing Liaison Board
  • Weoley Housing Liaison Board
  • Kings Norton Housing Liaison Board
  • Frankley & Cockhill Housing Liaison Board

Each HLB represents council residents across its ward, and works with other community and representative groups to ensure that the voices of all tenants are heard.

Our Priorities

The HLB chairs for the four groups conduct monthly walkabouts, and updates are provided at each meeting. Constructive criticism and also positive feedback is then shared between the group and the officers.

The tenant participation officer facilities the group and ensures agendas/minutes and budget updates are provided, while making sure correct policy and procedures are adhered to.

The tenant participation officer for the constituency is Nadeen Justice. She is currently working with local residents to deliver an action plan for the constituency that involves networking with Northfield INVOLVE, a young people’s forum, engaging with the Northfield Somali group, and addressing some of the ASB issues through networking with schools and local involvement structures where older groups can come together with young people.

The overall goal is to help bridge the gap of prejudice and discrimination that segregate groups from various age, culture, disability and sexuality.

Our Achievements

Each group is allocated a sum of money depending on the number of council properties in the ward. Some of the community improvements include:

  • street lighting
  • cutting back overgrown trees
  • safety barriers
  • security fencing
  • rubbish dumping
  • car park issues
  • partnership work with West Midlands Police addressing antisocial behaviour issues.

Contact us

Any local council tenant or leaseholder can join a Housing Liaison Board.

If you have any questions or would like to join, please fill in our online form or contact the Northfield tenant participation officer:

Postal Address Nadeen Justice
Northfield Neighbourhood office
1-1A Vineyard Road
Northfield, Birmingham
West Midlands
B31 1PG
Email Address
Telephone 0121 464 3492
Mobile Number 07824 694315