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Supporting People - Citizens' Panel

Transforming Vulnerable Citizens from Users and Choosers to Makers and Shapers

Supporting People in Birmingham funds a variety of services to meet the housing related support needs of vulnerable people. These include:

  • young people at risk
  • people who have difficulties in managing alcohol or substances
  • homeless people with support needs
  • older people
  • people with learning difficulties
  • people who have survived domestic violence.

We have recruited a panel of volunteers to act on behalf of vulnerable groups of people and consult on important issues.

The panel members are typically experts by experience. They have been in similar situations to those of the vulnerable people they represent. They advise on strategies to meet the support needs of the various groups.

The Citizens' Panel is made up of ten to fifteen people. They are from different backgrounds that reflect the wonderful diversity of Birmingham's population (different people from different types of backgrounds and cultures with different abilities).

The panel members help with decision making to support vulnerable people to live as independently as possible. They offer advice to Core Strategy Group and the Commissioning Body in line with the council's commitment to put service users' opinions at the heart of the structure and governance of the city.

When the panel has discussed an important or strategic matter, they will tell people from the council what they think. They will also tell companies who help people to live independently if they think they are doing a good job or if they could do things better.

The people who make up the panel are volunteers. They don't get paid to be a panel member (but they will have their expenses paid). They want to help to make the lives of lots of people much better and put the service users' voice at the heart of local government.

If you are a person who is currently receiving housing related support or have done in the past, or if you are a family member, carer or advocate and can relate to some of the issues experienced by vulnerable people, and if you would like more details, please contact Supporting People team's service user involvement officer:

Postal Address Gordon Strachan
Service user involvement officer
Supporting People team
Birmingham City Council
PO Box 16228
B2 2WR
Email Address
Telephone 0121 303 6135
Fax Number 0121 303 3148
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