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What is the Role of a Supporting People Service Provider?

Birmingham has many service providers who provide some sort of supported accommodation or floating support for vulnerable adults. This includes the city council, the voluntary sector, housing associations, private landlords, private organisations, the NHS and non profit-making charities. Service Providers are expected to achieve the following positive high-level outcomes through their support delivery to service users:

  • Achieve Economic Wellbeing
  • Enjoy and Achieve
  • Be Healthy
  • Stay Safe
  • Make a Positive Contribution

Each provider must hold a housing related support contract with the City Council to deliver an agreed amount of support to the service users. The Supporting People team must ensure that each provider is delivering services to the requirements of their contract. We do this by carrying out service reviews for all our providers. This process helps us make an assessment based on quality, price and strategic relevance.

Service providers also have a responsibility to their service users. Providers work with service users on a daily basis. They understand the needs of their service users and of the sector. Through the Provider Forums, providers and the Supporting People team are able to work together to try and identify and understand the needs of the sector. However, it is also vital that service users are able to influence the services they receive. They are the ones who can say whether the service or support they are receiving is helping them.

Consulting with service users
You should ask your service users how they would like you to consult with them.

You could:

  • Send out questionnaires
  • Arrange one to one interviews
  • Organise focus groups
  • Talk to your users on the telephone
  • Get informal feedback through your support work.

This is not an exhaustive list but it may give you some ideas to start off with. Your choice of consultation may be influenced by other factors that you have to consider about your service users. For example, are there any language barriers, any disabilities (reading, writing, mobility), what would be the best time to consult with people and do you need to provide childcare facilities?

If you have any queries about Supporting People, you can contact the Supporting People Team.

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