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Bartley Green Housing Liaison Board

The Bartley Green Housing Liaison Board is an active group that represents the ward and currently has up to 15 members on board. These members carry out walkabouts with the local housing team on estates, and work very closely with the police and Anti-Social Behaviour Unit to combat nuisance in the area.

Our Priorities

There is a need for younger people and residents from ethnic minority communities to get involved, whether through tenant groups or the Housing Liaison Board, and to have a say in how policies are shaped. We will continue to work with the schools, hold cultural events, fun days, information days, walkabouts, newsletters, and work in partnership with other organisations to ensure that all tenants voices are heard.

Various projects such as youth, cultural, projects for people with disability and sheltered housing projects are organised to involve all communities across the district.

Our Achievements

The Bartley Green Housing Liaison Board has achieved numerous community improvements across the wards, such as:

  • security fencing
  • repair of the safety barrier
  • resurfacing work
  • cutting back trees
  • security CCTV cameras
  • provided a dropped kerb on Grazebrook Croft
  • to provided a new canopy for California House
  • provided benches for the communal gardens at Hasbury Court extra care scheme
  • fitted a security gate on Maxstoke Close
  • fitted a security gate on Pembridge Close to stop rubbish dumping
  • provided recycling bins on Curdale Road.

Contact us

Any local council tenant or leaseholder can join a Housing Liaison Board.

If you have any questions or would like to join, please fill in our online form or contact the Edgbaston tenant participation officer:

Postal Address Jennie Carter
Edgbaston District Housing Team
326 Harborne West
High Street
B17 9PU
Email Address
Telephone 0121 303 5359
Mobile Number 07766 922460