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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

What is a 'fit and proper person?'

The council will carry out checks to make sure that the person applying for the licence is a fit and proper person. In deciding whether someone is fit and proper the council must take into account:

  • any previous convictions relating to violence, sexual offences, drugs and fraud
  • whether the proposed licence holder has broken any laws relating to housing or landlord and tenant issues
  • whether the person has been found guilty of unlawful discrimination
  • whether the person has previously managed HMOs that have broken any approved code of practice.
It is advisable for the landlord or manager to be a member of a professionally recognised body, such as the Association of Midland Landlords, National Federation of Residential Landlords, or Residential Landlords Association.

If you are a member of a Landlords Association that is recognised by the council then you will also be eligible for a discount.

You can find out more about HMOs by reading our licensing booklet.