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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Housing Liaison Boards

A Housing Liaison Board is a group of council tenants who meet regularly with local leaseholders, residents, Councillors and council staff to monitor and improve the housing services in their area.
The Housing Liaison Board (HLB) network now covers almost the entire city and has proved to be a very successful way for tenants and leaseholders to become involved.

We are always keen to welcome new members, particularly those from groups who are currently under represented such as young people, new settlers, people from minority ethnic communities, owner-occupiers and gay and lesbian people.

To find out more about HLBs and how to join one please read 'Guide to Birmingham Housing Liaison Boards' attached below.

One representative from each local HLB sits on the City Housing Liaison Board.

Every HLB must have an approved constitution and code of conduct in order to be recognised by the council.