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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Service Users - Send Us Your Views

Supporting People budget savings

Supporting People team has to save at least £12.8 million over the next three years. We want to make the savings in a way that will allow people to continue to get the kind of support that they have been used to. That's why we really want to hear from service users, to find out where you think we can save money without affecting the quality of your service.

Four questions about your service

We have asked all your service providers to ask you to answer four questions, and to arrange for your support worker to help you to understand the questions if you need support in this area. Your answers will help us make the difficult decisions about where to save money.

Send us your answers online

You can send us your answers to our four questions by filling in the form below. Fields marked with an asterisk are required. If you make a mistake, press the CLEAR button and start again. Press the SUBMIT button to send the form to us when you have finished.

Talk to the Strategic Review Hotline

If you prefer to talk to somebody from Supporting People on the telephone, please call 0121 303 3037 and ask for the Strategic Review Hotline. The person you speak to can give you details of the drop-in workshops we have arranged. If you are unable to get to a workshop, the person will write down what you tell them over the phone.

Service Users - Feedback

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