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ELYS Project - East Birmingham

The ELYS Project is a sports and social cohesion project delivered through 12 European partners and co-ordinated by CONI (the Italian Olympic Committee).

The UK - Birmingham sports mentors work with 11 -14 year olds to:

  • Promote good sportsmanship
  • Prevent and fight against violence and anti social behaviour in sport

For schools, clubs and local events

By having us at your school, club or event we can:

  • deliver an interactive awareness assembly or taster session around positive and negative attitudes towards sport
  • deliver a series of fun, interactive workshops within clubs and schools
  • deliver workshops and taster sessions at school, community and sports based events
  • provide local young people with the chance to contribute towards a European toolkit which will be distributed to schools and sports facilities across Europe

Young people

If you are a young person wishing to attend a session, please contact us to find out where there are local workshops in your area.

Contact us

For more information call Sharon Thompson on 0121 464 1751 or email sharon.thompson@birmingham.gov.uk

The project will continue till the end of March 2013.