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Winter Maintenance Gritting Routes

Every year our service provider Amey carries out the Winter maintenance service on our road network.
Choose from the headings below to find out more about our Winter road maintenance service, which includes gritting.

Gritting the roads

We can't grit every road in the city and so it is important that we prioritise more important roads and footways. We have done so based on guidance and recommendations from Central Government.

We routinely treat 745 miles of carriageway throughout the city (over 50%, a higher proportion than many local authorities) which includes all main roads together with all regular frequent bus routes, roads identified as Emergency Services routes, and main access routes to large residential estates.

It is not possible to treat smaller local roads.

Snow clearance will take place on the treated network when required.

Report a gritting or grit bin problem

What do we grit?

When do we grit the roads?

Where do we grit?

How do we grit?


Facts and Figures

What is grit?

Grit Bins

Other useful information

You can view this map in a larger window by visiting localview.birmingham.gov.uk/Highways/Sites/wintermaintenance

The attachment below is a complete list of roads that Birmingham City Council grit.