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Development Permits and Section 50 Licences

The various types of permits are as follows, each of which has its own Guidance Notes: Hoarding Permit; Excavation Permit; Scaffold Permit; Crane Permit; Disposal of Materials Permit; Cart Over Permit; Section 50 Permit (Licence).

Further information and permit application forms can be downloaded from:


Initial permit requests should be sent to the City Council, Highways:


Tel. 0121 675 0273

The Section 50 Licence is granted to accredited applicants wishing to place, maintain or retain apparatus (drains, cables, ducts, water and gas pipes etc.) in the public highway.  Anyone other than a Statutory Undertaker (e.g. Severn Trent Water) wishing to carry out Streetworks which includes the breaking open, boring or tunnelling under any street to place, adjust, repair, alter or renew any apparatus must be in possession of a streetworks licence.

The licence is granted to the owner of the apparatus needing repair, renewal etc. or the contractor working on their behalf.