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Temporary Traffic Management Audit

As part of the assessment process the proposed temporary traffic management is considered and approved by BCC Traffic Management Services.

Temporary traffic light proposals are considered and authorised by Amey Urban Traffic Control (UTC). All temporary or existing permanent traffic light enquiries should initially be sent to Permits or Streetworks as applicable.

General requirements

The temporary traffic management audit is to be maintained and retained with supporting information by the owner/promoter of each scheme. The traffic management information may be required for:

  • Audit purposes at any time.
  • Evidence to refute third party claims.
  • Supporting information for scrutiny.

The type of information to be retained is as follows:

  • Contractors to produce Risk Assessments, Method Statements, drawings and operatives qualifications.
  • Copies of traffic management approvals TMP1 and TMP2 with supporting information.
  • Copies of traffic regulation orders/notices
  • Copies of permits and authorisation to work on the highway
  • Copies of temporary traffic light approvals etc.

Specific Precautions to be taken by Traffic Management Companies

  • All operatives to have undergone site induction.
  • All operatives should have undergone Manual Handling Training.
  • All operatives will wear High Visibility clothing (or higher specification) that complies with the legislation for the type of road i.e. to B.S EN 471 Class 3 for work on Motorways.
  • Operatives will be briefed and have a working knowledge of Temporary Traffic Management on High Speed Roads & Dual Carriageways A good Working Practice.
  • All operatives will either be trained in the process of being trained to the relevant standard for work on that type of road, i.e. Sector 12D or the New Roads and Street Works Act Unit 002 (Unit 010 for supervisors)
  • The appropriate ratio of T.M Foreman, Registered T.M Operatives & Unregistered T.M Operatives MUST be adhered to on all occasions.
  • No work is to be carried out without the Operatives being instructed on the approved Method Statement for the work activity.
  • Equipment should only be carried across the live carriageway at times of low traffic flow.
  • All crossing of carriageways on foot should be done in accordance with HSE/CIS No. 53.
  • All signs MUST be secured, by the use of sandbags, so that in the event of an accident the sand will be dispersed thus avoiding a more serious accident.
  • All signs MUST be secured by the use of sandbags to reduce the risk of them being blown into the live carriageway.
  • In the event of traffic management being erected for periods longer than 2 weeks all signs will need to be securely fixed to new poles or existing street furniture and maintained accordingly unless otherwise agreed.
  • Where traffic flow is high, a Police rolling block may be required.