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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Street Lighting - Standard Specifications for Street Lighting Works

This introduction is about the Birmingham City Council design and installation standards for highway lighting.
(including illuminated signs, beacon units, bollard base lights etc.)

Street Lighting

The specification document sets out the performance requirements, equipment specification and control procedures that apply to the design of road lighting, illuminated traffic signs, associated cable networks and control systems for any street lighting system or illuminated traffic signs being placed in the highway that is intended:

  • To be maintained at the public expense by the Authority
  • To be included in the scope of the Birmingham Highways Management and Maintenance PFI contract through the "Standard Specification for Street Lighting Works" route.

Please note the guidance on column setback as any variation instigates a design variation procedure to seek approval for the changes.

There are also quick reference guidance notes that should be read in conjunction with the specifications.