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Street Lighting - Adoption (and Accrual into the BCC Highways Maintenance and Management PFI)

Street Lighting

Inspections and subsequent adoption will be judged against the latest approved scheme drawings.  BCC will not be responsible for the equipment prior to formal adoption.

Prior to adoption, BCC will check that the lighting provided by the developer has been supplied and installed in accordance with the approved design.  Upon satisfying itself that the parameters have been met, the equipment will be added to the street lighting inventory at the earliest opportunity, becoming the property of BCC as the Highway Authority.

The developer / designer shall provide the following information to enable the apparatus to be considered for adoption by BCC and accrual into the Birmingham City Council Street Lighting Project: -

  • As-built drawings (Both electronically in AutoCAD format and 2 paper copies)
  • Electrical inspection and testing certificates
  • Manufactures data sheets