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Street Lighting - Protection of Steelwork Against Corrosion

Street Lighting

Surface Treatment of the Lighting Columns and Signposts

All new Lighting Columns, brackets and Illuminated Traffic Signs shall have a factory applied surface protection as shown in the specimen check sheet, over their entire length. In addition the internal and external surfaces of the roots of all Lighting Columns and Illuminated Traffic Sign posts will be protected at the factory to a height of 250 mm above ground level by the application of a two pack epoxy glass flake protective coating, Amercoat 4560 GF, or equivalent, on top of the galvanising. Specified requirements are shown below in the specimen check sheet which can be downloaded here.

Colour of Columns for Lighting and Illuminated Traffic Signs

The paint colour shall be confirmed by the Authority unless otherwise directed by the Service Provider. Lighting Columns shall be chosen from one of the following approved colours and will be consistent with lighting columns already installed in the area

All Illuminated Traffic Sign posts shall be black.