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Street Lighting - Traffic Signs

Street Lighting

Traffic Signs

  • The developer shall ensure that the electrical service and associated electrical infrastructure to any existing illuminated traffic signs and bollards affected by the works shall be maintained as electrically live for the duration of the works and shall not be disconnected or isolated without the authorisation of the Authority and / or the Service Provider.
  • The developer shall ensure that the optical performance or visibility of Illuminated traffic signs or bollards is not adversely affected by trees and other vegetation.
  • All sign lanterns and bollards shall be lit using energy efficient, low maintenance LED light sources.
  • All illuminated sign lanterns and bollard bases shall have an Elexon ‘Unmetered Supplies Operational Charge Code’ and have approved total circuit wattage equal to or less than 7w.
  • All illuminated traffic signs and bollards shall be fitted with a control device (infra red for illuminated bollards) to switch the light source on or off at the appropriate times in accordance with prescribed lighting periods.
  • The names and manufacturers, together with details of equipment or materials for illuminated traffic signs and bollards are detailed in Table 1 below. Other manufacturer’s equipment of equivalent standard and performance may be considered.
  • All traffic sign posts shall be painted black. The surface treatment shall be over their entire length as specified in the Surface Treatment of the Lighting Columns and Signposts page.

Table 1 - Standard Equipment / Manufacturer

Description Manufacturer Description Product code
Sign Lantern (single) Signature Ltd Exlite Delta LED, black, with SS12A 70/35 lux pecu & 76mm post top arm ELD-LED-21-76SS-PB
Sign Lantern (double) Signature Ltd Exlite Delta LED, twin lantern black, with SS12A 70/35 lux pecu & 76mm post top double arm ELD-LED4-21-76DS-PB
Non –illuminated Bollard Shell Signature Ltd Trueflex bollard shell single aspect (any aspect ) fluorescent material SP-TF-1-XX-FLU
Illuminated Bollard Shell Signature Ltd Central bollard shell single aspect (Any aspect) SP-TF-1-XX-FLU
Bollard Base Signature Ltd Superior LED baselight, c/w infra red pecu BL-S-LED-D-07-H
Sign Plates Morelock Permanent Glass Reinforced Plastic (MP GRP) with black back and Class 2 reflective face. N/A
School Patrol Warning equipment Signature Ltd Twin Amber LED flashing unit LED TAFLU
Belisha Beacons Signature Ltd LED beacon globe assembly, includes globe , gallery, LED, Flasher, anti vandal collar (excludes post) PDA-STAYFAST-B+14059
Marker Beacon Post Signature Ltd Standard 76x140mm diameter LBP 5800mm o/all 600pd post only, with grey PVC coated c/w two white reflective bands CI-58-POST
Centre Island Beacon Signature Ltd 24V stayfast assembly, LED c/w non flashing LED beacon, gallery, anti vandal collar, opal globe and transformer CIA-STAYFAST-G
Sign posts SignPost solutions Ltd Galvanised steel posts both wide base and straight with PVC protection (colour black) n/a