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Street Lighting - Application

Street Lighting


This document sets out the performance requirements, equipment specification and control procedures that shall apply to the design of road lighting, illuminated traffic signs, associated cable networks and control systems for any street lighting system or illuminated traffic signs being constructed or installed that is intended:

  • to be maintained at public expense by the Authority
  • to be included in the scope of the Birmingham Highways Management and Maintenance PFI contract through the “Standard Specification for Street Lighting Works” route.

The Authority may specify alternative equipment / materials to those identified in this Specification.

Other ‘development particular specifications’ may be acceptable to the Authority but the Authority is likely to require the payment of a commuted sum to cover the additional cost of maintaining Non Standard Lighting Units.

Sections A + B are extracts from the general specification and indicate the information supplied to the Designer (Section A) and information required by the Authority / Service Provider from the Designer / Developer (Section B).

Section A

Information supplied to the Developer / Designer
• Birmingham City Council Development Specification for Street Lighting Works

Section B

Information to be supplied by the Designer / Developer

Stage 1 – Preliminary Design Approval

Notes :-
1. At the preliminary design stage the developer / designer shall submit to the Authority an ‘Outline Design Summary Sheet’. Detailed design work shall not commence until the Authority have agreed the outline design requirements. This will include :-

  • Lighting Class requirements
  • Lighting Sources
  • Equipment type
  • Any key information that has influenced the solution.

Stage 2 – Detailed Design Approval

The following information shall be provided to the Authority by the designer / developer:-

  • Electronic copy of the scheme proposals in AutoCad format
  • 2 paper copies of the design proposals
  • Designer Risk Assessments
  • An electronic copy of the lighting design calculations in lighting reality
  • Design Summary sheet
  • Sign schedules sheet
  • Private cable Network design information (where applicable)
  • Column and bracket details
  • Design Certificate

The Service Provider will carry out a review of the design under the Maintenance Accessibility Service and provide a report back to the authority detailing any parts of the design which require amending to allow accrual into the PFI project.

Stage 3 – Application for Accrual into the BCC Highways Maintenance and Management PFI

The following information shall be provided by the developer / designer to enable the Apparatus to be considered for Accrual into the Birmingham City Council Street Lighting Project:-