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Highway Lighting - Home Page

This page gives guidance on the design, installation and adoption of lighting apparatus on new or existing public highway in Birmingham.

Street Lighting

General Introduction

The Council has a statutory duty under the Highways Act to ensure the safety of the highway and this includes any lighting equipment placed on the highway. This page contains details of the Birmingham City Council (BCC) Standard Specifications for Street Lighting Works for developers and designers. There are also quick reference guidance notes that should be read in conjunction with the specifications.

The specifications set out the performance requirements, equipment specification and control procedures that apply to the design of road lighting, illuminated traffic signs, associated cable networks and control systems for any street lighting system or illuminated traffic signs being placed in the highway that are intended:

  1. To be maintained at the public expense by the Authority
  2. To be included in the scope of the Birmingham Highways Management and Maintenance PFI contract through the "Standard Specification for Street Lighting Works" route.

The council may specify alternative equipment / materials to those identified in these Specifications.

Other ‘development particular specifications’ may be acceptable to the council but the council is likely to require the payment of a commuted sum to cover the additional cost of maintaining non-standard lighting units.

These specifications are based on the latest requirements of the Department of Transport Specification for Highway Works, (MCDHW) hereafter referred to as the Department of Transport Specification.

The Clause numbers are references to the Department of Transport Specification Clauses as amended or superseded by this document. It should be noted that Clause numbers in this document do not always run consecutively.

The amended specification clauses contained in this section have been compiled so as to be sufficient for most normal development purposes but reference may have to be made to British Standards and the Department of Transport Specification for supplementary information.

If you wish to contact us, we welcome enquiries either by post or by telephone:


You can report a highway defect online or telephone 0121 303 6644 (out of office hours emergencies telephone 0121 303 4149).

Advice is obtainable on highway status and proposed highway schemes from the Highway Information Team that updates and maintains the Highway Records.

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