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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Public Rights of Way - Registers

Birmingham City Council as the Highways Authority is required to keep statutory registers on Rights of way, you can find them here.

It is a statutory requirement for Birmingham City Council to hold, keep updated and make available a number of different registers that relate to public rights of way. These include:

  • Register of Applications
  • Register of Gating Orders
  • Register of Section 31(6) Highways Act 1980 Deposits
  • Village Green Applications.

These registers are available to view online and can also be viewed by appointment at our offices in more detail. Please contact the office for more details on 0121 464 6846 or publicrightofways@birmingham.gov.uk

Public Rights of Way - Register of Applications

Section 53B of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 ("WCA 1981") requires us to produce a register of applications for definitive map modification orders made under section 53(5) of the act. The act requires the register to be available at the principle office of the authority, as well as on the website. Printed copies can be inspected at 1 Lancaster Circus during office hours by calling 0121 464 6846; electronic copies of the full details of the applications can be viewed, as can the complete register.

View a the Register of Applications to modify the Definitive Map and Statement

Public Rights of Way – Gating Orders

Section 118B of the Highways Act 1980 as amended by new provisions introduced by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 to allow for the gating of paths that were subject to crime and antisocial behaviour. The Council is required to keep and make public a register to list those paths that are currently gated due to crime and anti-social behaviour. Applications to gate a public right of way

View details of the current Gating Orders Register.

Register of Section 31(6) Deposits and Section 15A of the Commons Act 2006

Under Section 31(6) of the Highways Act 1980, any landowner can deposit a statement and plan which shows any public rights the landowner admit to having on their land. The landowners may then, within 20 years (applications received prior to 1st October 2013 expire after 10 years) submit a statement to declare that no other public rights other than those specified in the original deposit have been dedicated over the land. This declaration is sufficient to negate any claims of a right of way during that time. Section 15A of the Commons Act 2006 prescribes a mechanism by which a landowner can protect their land from claims for a town or village green by depositing a statement accompanied by a map.

Applications to register land can be made by contacting the Rights of Way Team.

View a copy of the section 31(6) Register

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