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Traffic Regulation Orders

image of Traffic Regulation Orders fastened to a lamp post

It is important for a developer to liaise with the Council at an early stage to see if a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is required. TROs are written legal agreements developed by the highway authority allowing the police and / or the Council to enforce various regulations including:

  • Speed limits
  • Road closures
  • One-way streets
  • Weight or width restrictions
  • Banned turns
  • Bus/cycle lanes
  • Controlled parking and on-street parking places.

A TRO can be permanent, temporary or experimental. The developer is to pay to cover the costs of the consultation, advertising and making of each TRO.

A temporary TRO may be used when works affecting the highway require short-term traffic restrictions. In order to carry out construction work and occupy the highway it may be necessary to introduce temporary traffic management arrangements to ensure public safety and minimise congestion. Experimental TROs are used in situations that need monitoring and reviewing. These usually last no more than eighteen months before they are abandoned, amended or made permanent.

Development Activities on the Highway (Developer and Contractors Guidance Notes) has been published by the Council to assist developers and contractors working on the highway and to ensure the safety of other highway users. It includes advice on temporary, experimental and permanent traffic regulation orders that may be required for constructing a highway scheme or as a consequence of the highway creation or changes.