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Control Centre: alarms

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An intruder uses a crowbar to force a window open. He sets off the alarm system but who pays any attention to alarms going off these days? What he does not know, is that the system is connected to the Control Centre. Immediately they get the call, the Police are alerted, a patrol car is despatched - and an arrest is made.

But, remember, it's not only intruder alarms that can be monitored remotely.

The Centre also looks after things like alarms on boiler systems in greenhouses where the temperature is critical to the growth of young plants - or carbon monoxide detectors in highway underpasses. More vulnerable premises, can use British Telecom's Redcare system. This offers a line monitored by a pulsed signal every second of every hour, 24 hours a day.

In fact, the Centre is able to monitor a number of systems in compliance with the ACPO police guidelines. These say that all new systems must have audio, visual or sequential verification if the Police are to respond. So, whatever your monitoring needs - whether you've a fire alarm system in a school, or a refrigeration unit in a catering establishment - we can help.

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