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Control Centre: CCTV

In safe hands
Ever felt like you're being watched?...It's not surprising!

Wherever you go these days, in shopping complexes, railway stations, car parks even just sitting by a fountain - you are often being watched. Closely. But with the growth in closed circuit television (CCTV) in recent years, people need to be reassured that the people monitoring the cameras are above reproach themselves.

That's where we come in. The Birmingham Control Centre is one of Europe's leading centres for CCTV monitoring, with cameras located throughout the Midlands.

The Centre was opened by the Chief Constable for the West Midlands, Sir Edward Crew, in January 2001. It's built to the Best Practise guidelines recommended by the Police Scientific Development Branch.

Customers who pay for the CCTV monitoring services we provide need to be confident that they're getting a high quality, professionally managed operation.

All our systems are covered by a code of practice that is mindful of data protection and civil liberties. Both the systems and the Centre are audited independently.

The Centre has fibre cable links to both the West Midlands and British Transport Police. So, the next time you're reading your paper by a fountain, be reassured about who's watching over you!Further Information

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