Birmingham City Council

Transport Monitoring

The Transport Monitoring section have a team of people who regularly monitor traffic and pedestrian usage on Birmingham's highways

The data has many uses from:
  • Statistical analysis
  • Determining whether a pelican crossing, or a school crossing patrol is needed.
  • Highway design
  • Traffic signal timings
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Safety audits
  • Development control

The Process

A traffic survey is usually counted for twelve hours (0700-1900) in specific categories ie pedal cycles, motor cycles, cars, light goods, buses and heavy goods vehicles. If the traffic has been counted by a machine then the data is continuous over 7 days.

We may also monitor the time vehicles are queuing at junctions, or their speed, or how long they have been parked. We also count pedestrians to see where they cross the road. We have data going back to 1986. The cost of collecting the data can be offset by income generated by business customers.