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Control Centre: lone worker

You're never alone!

It's your worst nightmare. A shadowy figure, the sound of footsteps - a hand on your shoulder, spinning you round. It's reassuring to know that help is literally at hand.

With a panic button on your mobile, you can alert the Control Centre and they can make sure the emergency services are able to get right to you. The phone is linked to a state-of-the-art satellite system, so your exact location is displayed on a detailed electronic map, which even indicates which part of the street you're in.

You can log onto our alarm system - via your mobile or standard phone - whenever you're making a visit. The system will monitor you carefully. If you don't respond to it at the end of your visit, it will trigger an alarm at the Control Centre and activate emergency procedures.

Alternatively there's a fixed system available for shops and offices which have lone workers. This calls up the Control Centre on a standard line - and they can listen via a microphone link until help arrives. The risk to lone workers is recognised by The Health and Safety Executive. So it's crucial to ensure safe working methods.

The Control Centre offers solutions: from caretakers to doctors, we can help. Should the worst happen, you're not alone.

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