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Control Centre: key holding

Sleep easy!

Where would you rather be at 2.20am? Fast asleep in bed - or on your way to deal with an alarm going off?. The truth is, most people who go out to an alarm activation enter a possibly hostile environment, ill-prepared for what they might come across. The answer is Active Response: professionally-trained people who respond to the alarm for you, equipped for any eventuality.

In constant contact with the Control Centre, they're able to request immediate response if intruders are detected or the situation turns hostile. They'll also reset your alarm system, arrange for emergency building repairs and make sure the premises are secure before they leave. In fact, the response can be tailored completely to meet your needs.

Plus Active Response can arrange to meet customers or caretakers on-site and escort them onto the premises at any time - day or night. So, as you can see, Active Response is more than a key holding service. It's a total solution to your out-of-hours response. So ask yourself one question: where would your family rather you were at 2.20am tomorrow morning?

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